Me Version 3.0 [Lyrics]

Watch out, we have a situation here.
We’ve never spent more billions on weapons.
Look inside, having situations there.
It’s an all-time high of negative emotions.

We’ve brought the war to inside of us.
Let’s go empty now, redirect that fuss.
The times are urgent.
Let’s slow down.
Let’s shine and humbly readjust our crown.

Vamos, amigos! Ready for deep healing.

Come on.

Surround yourself with noble friends.
Raise consciousness and clean your lens.
Don’t fight, don’t flight, choose option 3.
It’s me, and us, the greater we.

Drop that ego and old stories,
the „You’re not enough“ and all these worries,
let’s be the Me version 3.0,
let’s lead us into joyful flow.

Vamos, amigos! Ready for deep healing.

Come on!

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